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  1. Information on the Business and Contact details

Moraiti-bags.com is an e-shop for the online sale of products that belongs to the sole proprietorship under the name moraiti-bags.com seated in Alexandroupoli at L.Nikolaidi 0 str. with TIN 112468684 of the Alexandroupoli Tax Office and telephone number 6973215439 (hereinafter referred to as the “BUSINESS”).

  1. General Information

The following terms and conditions shall be applied to the use of the e-shop moraiti-bags.com. The use of the website moraiti-bags.com by the client/user requires for the unconditional acceptance of the following terms and conditions that apply to the entire content thereof as included in the said website. So, the client/user must carefully read those terms and conditions prior to the use of the services of the website. We kindly request for the client/user to check the content of the terms and conditions for any amendments. If the client/user continues to use the website moraiti-bags.com even after it has been amended, this signifies the unconditional acceptance of these terms and conditions by the client/user.

Upon the placement of an order, we are deemed to consider that the client/user has read, understood and expressly and unconditionally agreed to the terms and conditions of our e-shop as described in detail below as well as in our Privacy Policy. If the client/user disagrees with any of those terms and conditions, then he must abstain from any use of the e-shop and any transaction via the said e-shop.


  1. Amendment to the terms and conditions of the e-shop

The BUSINESS reserves the right to unilaterally amend the terms and conditions of the e-shop when it deems it necessary and it undertakes the obligation to inform the users on any such amendment.


  1. Intellectual Property

This website is the official e-shop of the BUSINESS. The entire design of the website, the text, the graphics, the choice and the settings thereof are part of the intellectual property of the BUSINESS. All the photographs and the graphics that are uploaded on the e-shop moraiti-bags.com as well as the Facebook page Moraiti-bags are subject to intellectual property rights and we reserve any legal right to use them.

It is prohibited to store, copy, re-publish our photographs or mislead the public on the actual provider of the content of the website without our permission. Their presence on the website shall not be construed under any circumstances as transfer or assignment or license to use.


  1. Products’ order and consumer protection

The orders placed on the e-shop constitute distance sale contracts that are subject to the provisions of Law 2251/1994 (as applicable) and the amendments thereto introduced by the L.D. 131/2003 (GG A 116/16.05.2003).

The client/user has the right to place a valid order on the e-shop under the condition that he is capable pursuant to the law in compliance with the provisions of the Greek Civil Code (under the condition that he is of age and he is not incapacitated as to the conclusion of a sale contract). The legal representatives of legal entities may also place orders.

The BUSINESS reserves the right to claim for the products to be returned by the supervisor or the guardian in case of an order that has been placed by an incapacitated person.


  1. Merchandise – Availability – Characteristics

The products available, their characteristics, their prices and the stock thereof are on the email info@moraiti-bags.com which is publicly accessible.

The BUSINESS warrants that the clients shall be notified on the availability of the products in a timely manner but is not liable for their availability.

Considering the nature of the transactions over the e-shop (minimum time required for the update of the system, possible denial of service, increased demand that affects availability etc.), the BUSINESS shall make whatever is possible on a daily basis in order to provide all the necessary information on each product (technical characteristics, prices, etc.) as well as update the system immediately in case of any change. However, in order to reduce any chance of mistake, we would suggest that prior to any placement of order, you should contact us by telephone at 6973215439 or via email at info@moraiti-bags.com in case that the prices or any other characteristic of the products are unusual or irrational.

The prices indicated under all products in the relevant lists include VAT (24%) but the e-shop reserves the right to adjust the prices without having any obligation to inform the consumers.


  1. Liability restrictions

In the course of its transactions through the e-shop the BUSINESS is liable to its clients/users for any compensation claim that arises from the use or not of the mentioned information only in those cases where the applicable legislation provides for the relevant civil liability.

If in case of force majeure (such as adverse weather conditions, strikes, etc.) we are unable to deliver the products within the set deadline, we shall notify you via telephone in order to inform us on whether you wish under these circumstances to carry out your order. The BUSINESS is not liable for any situation that is outside its control and shall do whatever is possible in order to better serve you.

In case that you have placed an e-order and at delivery you realize that any (or some) of the products included in your order is missing, please contact us at info@moraiti-bags.com in order to make all necessary arrangements and send you the products that were not delivered without any additional cost.


  1. Means of payment

The means of payment for the purchase of the products is:

  1. either cash-on-delivery to the courier company that delivers the products
  2. or to a bank account and the bank account no. 5350-093881-914 with IBAN GR4601723500005350093881914 of the Pireaus Bank.


  1. Place and cost of delivery/supply of products – transfer of the risk of destruction or loss of the sold product

Upon the delivery of the sold products to the courier company as described above, the risk of loss, damage to or destruction thereof is transferred from the COMPANY to the client/purchaser. The client must examine the purchased products upon reception thereof and declare in writing that they are properly supplied. In case that the client does not accepts the products, the BUSINESS reserved the right to withdraw from the contract.


  1. Retention of title

The BUSINESS retains the title on the sold and delivered products until the payment in full of the total price by the client.


  1. Consumer’s withdrawal (articles 3e-3l of Law 2251/1994)

The consumer has a time-limit of fourteen (14) calendar days from the day of the delivery of the natural possession of the product to the said person or any authorized person in order to withdraw from the distance contract without cause. The withdrawal of the consumer is without cause, that is the consumer does not have to provide for any reason why he withdrew without any penalties with the exception of bearing the cost for the return of the product and any deterioration of the product.

The withdrawal of the consumer from the distance contract without cause takes place by any means appropriate at the consumer’s discretion however the latter bear the burden to prove that he has exercised his right within the set time-limit (with the time-limit of the fourteen (14) calendar days from the day of the delivery of the natural possession of the product as described above).

It should be noted that the consumer bears the risk of loss, damage to or destruction of the product until the product is returned to the BUSINESS.

The BUSINESS must within a deadline of fourteen (14) days from the day that the latter has been notified on the lawful exercise of the right to withdrawal by the consumer, to refund him on the price of the sale using the same means that the latter used for the initial transaction (unless the consumer agrees to otherwise). Nonetheless, the BUSINESS has the right to retain the amount until the delivery of the products or until the consumer sends a receipt on delivering the products in order to be returned.

The BUSINESS is not obliged to refund part or whole of the amount paid by the consumer following the withdrawal of the latter without cause under the condition that the product has been deteriorated due to the use thereof by the consumer in a non-appropriate manner, i.e. in a manner that goes beyond the normal examination of the product in order to determine its nature, its characteristics and its operation, as that would be the case in the actual shop. In this case the consumer is liable for the non-appropriate use thereof. The BUSINESS expressly reserves the right to examine the returned product upon its delivery and retain part or whole of the price depending on the deterioration of the product at the fault of the consumer due to the non-appropriate use thereof.

By way of exception, the right of the consumer to withdraw from a distance contract without cause does not apply and the consumer cannot return the purchased product without penalties in the following situations:

  1. The supply of goods that have been custom made for the consumer or based on his requirements.
  2. The supply of goods that might be destroyed or expire soon.
  3. The supply of sealed goods that are not suitable for return due to health or hygiene reasons and that have been unsealed after their delivery.
  4. The supply of goods that due to their nature, after their delivery, they are mixed with other components.
  5. In case that the products have been used and the said use evidently goes beyond the normal examination thereof in order to determine their nature, characteristics and operation as that would be the case in the actual shop and so the said products are considered used.


  1. Applicable legislation and Jurisdiction

The Greek legislation applies to the aforementioned terms and conditions on the e-shop and the transaction between the BUSINESS and the clients/users in general; any dispute shall be settled before the competent courts of Alexandroupoli.



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